Luxury Home Lift Specifications

Travel height
250 - 15,000 mm
Number of floors
The Aritco Luxury Home Lift is available with 2 - 6 floors.


The Aritco Luxury Home Lift is available in five different sizes: S5, S8, S9, S12 and S15. The three smaller sizes, S5, S8 and S9, work brilliantly in rooms or halls with limited space. Despite what you may think, a home lift is surprisingly efficient with space! Sizes S12 and S15 are ideal if you need to carry items larger items, luggage or even furniture in the lift with you and have that bit of free space.

S5 600 x 830 mm 250 kg / 2 persons
S8 1000 x 830 mm 250 kg / 3 persons
S9 1100 x 830 mm 250 kg / 3 persons
S12 1000 x 1200 mm 300 kg / 4 persons
S15 1100 x 1400 mm 400 kg / 5 persons


Carrier size: 600x830 mm
Wall size: 966x880 mm
Rated load: 250 kg / 2 persons


Carrier size: 1000x830 mm
Wall size: 1366x880 mm
Rated load: 250 kg / 3 persons


Carrier size: 1100x830 mm
Wall size: 1466x880mm
Rated load: 250 kg / 3 persons



Carrier size: 1000x1200 mm
Wall size: 1366x1250 mm
Rated load: 300 kg / 4 persons


Carrier size: 1100x1400 mm
Wall size: 1466x1450 mm
Rated load: 400 kg / 5 persons


Download Brochure
For a more detailed description of the lift range please download our brochure.



Choosing your desired colour is the first step in personalising your lift and crafting it to suit your home. We have a range of colours to either match the lift’s surroundings or to provide a unique contrast. You also have the option of painting only the doors or the walls in a contrasting shade to create your perfectly balanced colour scheme. The Aritco Luxury Home Lift comes in white as standard.

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