Scandinavian Lift Design


The Aritco Home Lift is the first lift to have each unit designed specifically for your home and your personal requirements. We think of it not only as a functional lift, but also as a piece of furniture that contributes to your decor. For this reason, award-winning Interior Designer Alexander Lervik has been brought on board as a central figure in the conceptualisation and development of the lift’s sleek design.

His vision is to create products and installations that bring new and exciting experiences for the observer: “I love innovation! To work together with Aritco on this project, where we started from scratch in designing and developing a new Home Lift for a completely new business segment, has been like a dream come true,” he says. Aritco and Alexander’s shared values and commitment to design excellence work in perfect harmony to produce the all-new Luxury Home Lift!

Scandinavian interior design is renowned for its elegant simplicity, its use of stunning natural light and its commitment to functionality. True to this heritage, our lifts combine space-saving minimalism and utility with a clean, sophisticated aesthetic. Luxury Home Lift collaborated with Scandinavia’s most celebrated interior designers and artisans to produce their unique HomeLifts, a genuine artistic feature that you will be proud to have in your home.


The lift’s Design Wall incorporates a rich design unlike any other product on the market. The DesignWall can be a work of art in its own right, allowing you to select a stylish background that reflects your tastes and blends seamlessly with the visual theme of your home.

We’ve partnered with distinguished Scandinavian artists and designers to produce a great range of Design Wall options, each of which is then applied to the highest quality acrylic glass. To view and choose a Design Wall, take a look at them all on the Aritco LiftGuide.