Why a home lift

Elevate Your Quality of life

An investment in the liveability of your home is an investment in your quality of life and the long-term welfare of you and your family. Move luggage, furniture or groceries seamlessly between floors without having to worry about traversing tricky stairs. Or use the short trip in your new lift to stretch after a long day, check your emails or just take a quiet moment for yourself.
Embrace the ease of access provided by universal design and create a barrier-free environment open to all generations. Children, parents and grandparents alike can benefit from adaptive and intuitive elevator technology to navigate the building independently in comfort and safety. Visits and family gatherings are enhanced by the simplicity of moving between floors freely, making your home a welcoming habitat for everyone.

Plan for a comfortable and relaxed future and manage the transition into later life by adapting your home for simple accessibility. Aging in place is increasingly the preferred choice of people around the world, and the option of remaining in familiar, dignified surroundings without sacrificing safety and practicality is now a reality. Independence and mobility can go hand in hand with luxurious and stylish living by installing a luxury home lift for your convenience and well-being.



Lighting is one of the most important factors for setting a mood and bringing beauty to your interior. It is easy to change the mood in a room, from kids studying at the kitchen table to a cosy dinner with friends, just by changing the lighting. The light sources and light settings should be as carefully chosen as your furniture.

The state-of-the-art lighting design in the Luxury Home Lift is developed by one of Sweden's most innovative lighting experts. Since we know your home changes every day, we have developed a mobile app, called SmartLift, by which you easily can change the lighting in the lift walls and DesignWall to fit your mood and your interior. You can make preprogrammed settings for nighttime lighting and daytime lighting, or easily change the light immediately with the app. Maybe you want a colourful lift for a party? No problem, you simply adjust it with the app.

The app also gives you useful information about the usage, eventual problems or maintenance needs.


The Luxury Home Lift is the first of its kind to be designed specifically for your home and to your specifications.

An expertly built luxury home lift represents a harmonious merging of form and function, a truly exclusive piece of dynamic furniture that brings practicality in the shape of a design masterpiece. We all take pride in making our home an aesthetic statement of our individuality and personality, and a place where we can raise children in security. Installing a lift will add to the character of your home by complementing your own unique style while integrating accessibility and universal design.

We have partnered with award-winning interior designers to ensure that their lift complements and enhances the creative atmosphere of your house or apartment, and can subtly blend into your decor or represent a spectacular piece of art, depending on your taste. The Luxury Home Lift increases and maximises the potential of your home for the ultimate in contemporary living.



With the Luxury Smart Lift app installed on your phone or tablet you can easily set the lighting to fit your mood.

We are always changing. From the day we are born, we grow, evolve and progress through all the phases and stages of life. We are always reaching higher for that bit extra in life, like a more comfortable home, a spectacular interior and for more time with the family.

With clever solutions in your home, you can free up time and energy for those things that really matter – family, friends, spare time and leisure. A home lift simplifies life, whether it is used to carry grocery bags from your garage to the kitchen or enabling your grand parents to join you for dinner. It's also an investment that increases the value of your home. Luxury Home Lift improves the quality of life, every day.

Raising Standards

Installing a luxury lift will put your home at the forefront of cutting-edge design and ergonomic innovation. Our home lives are constantly evolving to incorporate synergistic technology, and you can get in on the ground floor of this transformative trend. You’ll be proud to show off your new luxury amenity to friends and family and be the envy of your neighbours. Be at the vanguard of a home design revolution!

Boost Your Home’s Market Value

An elite home lift represents a unique and striking selling point for your house, one that will catch and hold the attention of prospective buyers. Whether you consider it a long-term investment in your own wellbeing or as a luxury addition designed to improve the sell-on price of your house, a Luxury Home Lift represents a real value-adding feature.

A future-proofed home can remove the need for you to move to single-storey accommodation in your later years, and cut down on the costs of care. Our lifts can hold wheelchairs and walkers without hindrance, so moving around your home will never become a chore. Give your home an instant and sustained boost in value with a luxury lift, which adds appeal and functionality for years to come.

Don’t Settle for a Stairlift

Many people will consider installing a stairlift to improve access and mobility, however, we think you’ll agree that a luxury home lift is a far superior option, both in style and function. Unlike a stairlift, a home lift can be designed to fit perfectly into your home and its décor. It is also far safer to use for the elderly and offers a smoother, easier ride. A stairlift will not add value to a property, whereas a home lift is seen as a high-quality amenity by prospective buyers.


A smart solution with style

There is a big difference between those things in your home that just serve a practical purpose and those that have been specially designed with you in mind, as the homeowner and the user. These are the things that add extra value and make your life easier and more joyful.

Luxury Home Lift is the first lift that is designed with the homewowner and the private residence in focus. The state-of-the-art design is a joy to the eye. It has a DesignWall with a luxury design not like any other product on the market. Some of Scandinavia’s most prominent designers and artists have selected art that you can add to the DesignWall. This makes your home lift not merely a problem solver, but a real piece of art in your home.

The home lift is also designed to be space efficient, to make the most out of every square metre of your home. Our smallest model takes up no more space than a wardrobe.


SmartLift – for the homeowner

The Luxury Home Lift is the world’s first smart connected home lift, and comes bundled with the SmartLift app. This app allows the homeowner to control the lighting of the Luxury Home Lift directly from their phone/tablet. The app also notifies the homeowner when the lift requires maintenance or repair.


Control the lighting using the SmartLift app:

  • Set the brightness, brighten and dim the light
  • Turn the light on and off
  • Change the colour of the light (if RGB option is ordered)
  • Create your own scheduled presets, e.g. turn the light on every morning at 7 AM


Check the status of the lift with the SmartLift app:

  • See the status of the lift via error codes and messages
  • See when a service is needed